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Photographs of artifacts coming soon...
-1994 "Spunge Trip: MiracleFork" Cassette demo. Songs include "Pez Dream", "Miraclefork".
1994 "Fibber" Various home videos, cassette recordings.
1994-1995 "The Mess" Cassette demo. Songs include "Hazy Ace", "Sinkin'", "Saltless", "Paranoia".
1995 "String Cheese" Cassette demo. Songs include "Bread".
1995-1996 "The Mess" Cassette demo. Songs include "Lovely Spittle", "General Fat Ass", "Far From Home". First show; at Alberta College of Art & Design supporting "The Tom Magees".
More history soon to be revealed....
1995-1996 "The Mess

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