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Her mom was a pit-bull, her dad a blue healer / border collie.

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The Fire Escape Demo 05

The Fire Escape (snailspace) Live

Blue Loon Demo 98

To listen to "Howl (Featuring Ian Watson)" go to

The lyrics to "The Fire Escape"
"The fire escape she climbed it one night, and sat by my side in the pale moon light / her breath, mingled with mine, perfumed the air with the smell of cheap wine / all the time when she told her mom why she had gone to Banff she'd come and climb the fire escape and wait, for me to arrive with some wine / a bottle of rot-gut costs six-ninety-nine, which I can earn in an hour, one dish at a time. ///
"The fire escape it overlooked the bear-proof dumpsters by the beautiful brook, which flowed to the Bow, the glacial Bow, that burned with green fire neath aurora's green glow / high boreal meadows, responding blue, this is true, we'd sit and laugh and wail, overheard by whiskey-jacks and quail / and ravens knew our shouts, knew our threats, knew our doubts / secret elk eyed us gravely, from the shaded woods. ///
"The fire escape was perched to the side of a weatherbeaten wall of a rickety dive / where we all lived, and some people died, where some of us fled after hitching a ride / in the summer of twenty-O-three, by September nineteenth there still had not been a single drop of rain, and a fear fell into her brain / her home she could smell in the ash in the air, the Okanagan was on fire, her Vinland a-flare."

copyright 2006 Jesse J. Powell