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March 1st: Foolish Records release of "Pine Tarts - For Sure" Demo Single (F004)
Sometime in April (2006) we hope to play the Ship & Anchor Pub again for the annual Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Competition. Last year we were second runners-up for the "Newcomer" catagory, and this year we just want to win. Maybe we're not folk enough, although the judges seem always very youth-leaning.  Last year we were the only band with a drumkit and the place was so rammed full o folkies we had to bring the drums in thru the window.
Before that we'll be having a party or two at our place where we'll unveil our whack of tremendous new tunes.  So stay tuned, everyone's invited.
Costa Vista
Aurora Borealis
Goodbye Kittie
The Fire Escape
Indian Summer
Blue Loon
Spinal Tones
With Her
In The Night
Green Claws Over Cascade
Try To Love
The One I Had Been Dreaming On
August Strange
The Finest One

copyright 2006 Jesse J. Powell